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The Biggest Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

Nobody wants to imagine being in a road traffic accident, but the reality is that they do happen regularly.  In fact, road accidents are considered as being the leading cause of death around the world for people aged 15-30.  Every day, an average of 64 people are injured on British roads.

So why are accidents happening so often?What are the biggest causes of road accidents in the UK? We’ve highlighted some of the biggest factors.

Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are one of the main causes of road traffic accidents in the UK. A driver may become distracted for a number of different reasons, but mainly it’s because they are speaking on the phone instead of concentrating on the road. Talking on the phone occupies a large part of the brain – meaning that your reaction time is drastically reduced.

It’s against the law to use a mobile whilst driving. Whether you’re using it as a map, or texting whilst stuck in traffic – it’s still against the law to have the phone in your hand. If caught, you face being given 3 points on your license and a £100 fine. If you already have points, you could lose your license. If you have to take a phone call, you should wait until you can pull up somewhere safe.

Other distractions include adjusting the radio or changing the CD when you should be looking at the road.

Drivers Who Are Tired

Around 20% of reported road traffic accidents are due to tiredness. These types of accidents are likely to result in serious injuries and death, more than any other type of accident.

It’s normal to get tired when you are driving long distance – it’s easy to find yourself dropping off to sleep. However, you can’t actually fall asleep without warning; you’ll notice that you’ve been fighting drowsiness for a long time before. Therefore, if this happens to you, you should definitely stop and rest!

If you have a long drive ahead of you – plan for several rests. You should also avoid driving between 12-6am as this is when you are usually sleep – so you’re naturally tired.


Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is illegal. Everyone knows that it’s against the law, yet people still continue to risk their life and the lives of everyone else on the road by driving whilst drunk. Figures in 2012 revealed that around 1,200 people were seriously injured in drink related car accidents in the UK – 200 of these resulting in death.

It’s likely that you’re still over the legal limit hours after you have been drinking, so you shouldn’t be driving the morning after. If you’re planning on going somewhere for a drink, leave your car at home so you’re not tempted to drive home. You could ask someone to pick you up or agree that a friend is going to be a designated driver.


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